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7 Things to be Thankful for

With such busy lives, it can be difficult to slow down and take time to feel thankful for what we do have. And when we do, we often find ourselves wanting more. News flash my friends, there will always be someone richer, prettier, more popular, but they will never be you!

Thanksgiving marks an important season for all of us to take a moment and remember the little things in life, which we should do everyday but let's be real, mid June rolls around and we forget haha—. If you want ideas for how to feel grateful this week, here’s a list of seven things to feel thankful for this Thanksgiving. And remember just ONE is a blessing to have.

1. Sense of Safety

Many people throughout the world and even within the United States do not have a secure sense of safety this Thanksgiving. If you feel safe where you live, where you engage in the community and who you interact with, consider how fortunate you are to not live in fear this holiday season. How to help those who may now be afforded the same luxury

2. Good Health

Our health is one of the most important things to recognize and take care of in our lives. Without good health, we can’t move forward with much else.

3. Faithful Family

Without our family, many of us would not be where we are today. Whether you’re single and live miles away from your nearest relative, or you’re married with a house full of children, feel grateful for your family or friends this season, and recognize how they formed you into the person you are. Even one good friend is better than a million followers, and this goes for number 4 as well. And if your missing a loved one this holiday, I hope you reflect on the love they once brought❤️

4. Strong Friendships

Of course, for many of us, our friends are actually more like family than some relatives. Strong friendships get us through the hard and good times, and often shape us into better people. Use this week as an opportunity to consider the impactful friendships you have in your life, and if you have a chance, reach out to those friends and tell them thanks! I need to be better at this all year round.

5. Loving Animals

Maybe you’re not really a “people person,” but are more of an “animal lover.” Give thanks for the furry—or scaley, slimey or feathery—friends in your life by recognizing all of the love they have to offer this Thanksgiving. This is my cat Princess🥰

6. Job to Work

We know, we know—jobs can often feel like more of a chore than something to feel thankful for. But, without work, many of us would struggle to feed ourselves, afford a home and even support our families. Many unemployed people long for a job to work, so if you find yourself employed this Thanksgiving season, take a moment to feel grateful. Many people would love to be employed🫶 If you don't have a job right now, be thankful for the opportunity to acquire one, what a cool thing that we relatively speaking can choose when and what we work. You got this!

7. Place to Call Home

Finally, if you have a roof over your head and a place to call home this week, feel thankful. People throughout the world do not have a permanent place or home, so let the feeling of gratitude seep into your heart. Better yet, see who you can invite into your home to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year! I guarantee someone is needing a home this holiday, please be a friend to them. It will mean more than you know.

As we go about our lives, we often get caught up in the things we want, and forget about all of the little things we already have. Thanksgiving is a remarkable time to sit down and think through everything we have in life to be grateful for. Use this list as a start, then see how many things you can add. Not only will you have a great Thanksgiving because of it, but you’ll end up feeling happier for weeks to come. Blessings my friends!

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