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Don’t Lose Yourself

Each one of us is unique in appearance, personality, gifts, and experiences; each of us is wired with feelings, preferences, responses and tastes that are ours alone.


Friends all to often we try to model ourselves after another person. I’m guilty too. We want to dress like her or him, speak as she does, wear our hair the same way, or, worse yet, allow her or his opinions to become our own – and the list can go on.

But we lose ourselves in trying to do so! I believe that God has a calling on your live, and on mine.

Whether the object of our admiration is a friend, celebrity, or church leader – yes, even a beloved Bible study teacher or ministry leader – we lose ourselves in trying to be like her. Our reasons for doing so vary, but the key issue is dissatisfaction with ourselves.

As believers, however, we have within us the Holy Spirit who is using His power to, among other things, transform us into the Christlike image God created us to have. No one else possesses this ability to transform us, regardless of how spiritual, beautiful, or “together” someone appears.

Lean into Him to find out why you have the characteristics you have and what purposes He has in mind for you my friends🦋🌊🤍

Thanks for reading!

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