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Easy healthy habits to practice while Traveling

๐Ÿฅ‘easy healthy habits I follow while traveling that you can do too:

1. Moving my body: as a former athlete I love the gym, but that can be difficult when youโ€™re constantly on the road. Walking is a super easy and assessable exercise. (I walk 4 miles every morning)

2. Eat local and buy/ order groceries, not meals. This saves money and ultimately makes me feel better๐Ÿ’•

3. If I want a muffin, I eat a muffin. (itโ€™s important to listen to what your body needs, this also supports positive mental health in the long run)

4. Make peace in your soul. For me it looks like reading 10 pages a day, and doing my daily devotionals๐Ÿค

Hope you enjoyed these easy tips! And as always, thank you for reading friends!

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