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Lucky Girl Syndrome

Future daydreaming, fantasy and visualisation is a normal and healthy thing we all do. According to research, we think about our futures twice as much as we think about our past. Thinking about our future allows us to explore and visualise all sorts of possibilities, predict our future based on our past experiences and plan strategies to meet our goals.

Lucky girl syndrome is just the latest interpretation of the “law of assumption”, which suggests that when we act as though what we want is already our reality – and believe it – then we are rewarded with the things we desire or "hope for".

The law of assumption is quite similar to the popular law of attraction“ which emphasises the power of thoughts and beliefs – so what you believe becomes your reality. So if I believe that I’m successful and behave as a successful person, then I will be successful (Lowri Dowthwaite-Walsh 2023).

If I believe that I am the best choice for (in my case, a modeling gig, a runway show, or a job) then it will in crease my confidence and may help me to be just that.... the best choice!

This ties closely with cognitive behavior theory. Here's the study

Now, personally the way I take lucky girl syndrome, is that it is a way of altering the way we think about our situation. Crazy optimism? Maybe, but it can really help those of us struggling with anxiety! Mix this ideology with some faith (for me, Faith in God), and its a pretty patient mix!

This week I challenge you to practice some lucky girl syndrome (lucky girl syndrome is for all genders 😉) and see how your mindset shifts and maybe a little magic will be added to your week.


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