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Mental health help: exhaustion series

Are you truly you when you’re tired? Can you remember the last time you were truly tired? I’m talking physically exhausted and mentally spent? Maybe you were so tired you didn’t feel like yourself? Acted out or said something you regretted.

Can you remember?

For me it was just last week when I was running on Coke Light (Diet Coke doesn’t exist in most Asian countries) and averaging 3 hours of sleep😅

I didn’t feel like myself. My personality and actions remained as normal but it was much more difficult to feel mentally healthy. I’d say it was mostly my thoughts that were impacted. Let me give you an example: normally I’m mentally tough under pressure but the exhaustion gave room for thoughts of comparison and sadness to creep in! We have all been there. And if you’re a frequent reader of my blog you know “the road to unhappiness is littered with comparisons”.

Walking in the hotel, quick glances at other girls left me with thoughts of I am less than. Mentally the exhaustion was getting to me. So what do we do in these times? In these circumstances I’ve heard many people say that we should drown out the thoughts or feelings with something else, but drowning them out isn’t the best or most healthy option in my mind. One thing we can do is ADD other thoughts. The last 2 weeks after waking up feeling both mentally and physically tired, to take care of my mental health I’d look through my past photos and accomplishments as a way to reassure myself: who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’ve accomplished, does not change based on what other people do.


Look at old photos that provide you positive emotions about who you are and what you’ve done.

Let’s talk about a more tangible action to take when you’re physically and mentally exhausted.

Focus on the next step only.** This may sound simple but the key is doing it with intention. As a planner, this was a difficult one. But when your mind and body are vulnerable it’s too difficult to remember what’s right in front of you when you’re looking down the road.


7 deep breaths focusing only on the air flow in your body. When done make focusing easier for your self by only focusing on where you currently are. Be specific in your focus!


You’re in class and running on 4 hours of sleep and some skittles… Keep your focus only on the lesson at the moment. Think more specific. Focus on not getting through the day, the class period, or even the lecture. Focus on getting through the Quito’s or task at hand.

Lastly, and most importantly! Rest! After a time period of not feeling yourself it’s vital to take care of your body and mind to reduce the stress after. You cortisol levels will likely be up. So after a few days of high exhaustion, say no to some things and give your mind and body a break! (Don’t tell me you are too busy or don’t have time 😉) We all have time, we just have to make the time. Ok?

You got this and remember

  • focus specific on what’s right in front of you

  • Breathe deeply

  • Remind yourself who you are

  • Don’t compare yourself to others (it’s like comparing football and volleyball. They are both sports and they both have points, but they have different rules, players, and skill sets)

Hope you learned something. Get some rest nest time you feel exhausted and remember who you are.

Thanks for reading friends, blessings!

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