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Resource in Colorado for Elevating Youth Mental Health

For my new friends here, in 2017, after one year into Division One college volleyball, I was diagnosed with clinical generalized anxiety disorder. Through open dialogue and sharing with friends and families, I have been able to manage and over come my anxiety. In an effort to reduce the stigma I now advocate for positive mental health.

I was honored to attend three years of elevating youth mental health! Resilience 1220 provides free counseling services to youth ages 12 through 20 in the mountain communities west of Denver. Through counseling, support groups, and community outreach, they work to raise awareness of the social, emotional, and mental health issues young adults face, and provide the necessary life skills to create wellness and resiliency in their lives💪

In addition to barrier free, confidential, individual counseling, they offer support groups and informational programming to provide resources to parents and educators. All of this is in service of the idea of cultivating a culture of mental well-being and reducing the stigma around mental health💜

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health in the Colorado area please reach out to them here 💻

More from their site:

They provide services in the form of FREE counseling sessions and support groups for young people ages 12-20, and community outreach and events that increase awareness of mental health issues.

Counseling sessions with Resilience1220 teach stress-reduction techniques, tools to ask for and provide help, validation, a place to sort through belief systems, and a non-judgmental place to share their feelings.

Past group sessions have included lectures, discussions, and educational seminars. There are also many different kinds of groups. We work with peer groups, interest groups, organizations, and schools.

Resilience1220 fosters an environment of mutual respect in which our staff, clients, and volunteers can feel valued. They seek to serve all members of our community, without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or identity, abilities, political affiliation, or education. They are open to all and see diversity as a source of strength!

Thank you for reading!

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