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Why I identify as the Goofy Neighborhood Redhead

Goofy is a personality trait!

Growing up as an older sister, a focused volleyball player, a high. school team captain, I was always praised and encouraged when I displayed stoicism. So naturally, I took on that persona, even though it did not align with my inner silly/ happy self that longed to give light and laughs.

Another example of trying to conform. to. societal norms, stigmas, etc... I was one of the youngest girls to compete at Miss USA in 2020. With that knowledge and pressures to. come across as mature, I toned down my inner goofy personality to fit what I thought was "mature and older". To be honest with you, I. totally missed the mark! Hahaha trying to. be something you are not can be exhausting AND it can (like it did for me) made me blend in. Come on. now, lets be real, I was up against the most beautiful and accomplished women in the country and I thought it was a good idea not to be my goofy self because I was worried about societal perceptions. RIDICULOUS!

Can you think of a time you were left exhausted after giving off a fake persona? Maybe it was on a date, at a party, or interacting with high school friends 😏

With how people portray themselves across all social media platforms, and in the minor interactions we have in person due to the pandemic it has become all too easy to be anything but who we were created to be.

I think it's really important for people to be comfortable being authentic! It's one of the reasons I enjoy expressing my silly side. Friends, it's OK, and should be encouraged for you to be your own source of joy and happiness!

Thanks for reading friends! And as always, go with Grace today🧡

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