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Workout Recovery: Hot vs. Cold Showers

Before I start let me tell you why I'm qualified to talk about muscular and physical recovery... I'm a former D1 volleyball player from the University of Colorado and former women's US National team player, as well as a certified Yoga instructor. Ok, so now that we've cleared that up, hopefully you can learn something below☺️

One of my favorite things to do after a workout... Take a quick cold shower to reduce inflammation followed by a long hot shower beneficial to my joints🤍

Recovery after working out is so important but can look different depending on our body’s. As a model, recovery looks a little different now than it did when I was playing college volleyball.


Cold Showers

Showering in cold water may sound awful, but there are some reasons to give it a try! For example, cold showers increase blood flow in the body which can boost alertness, energy, and mood. Mood is a key one for me haha.

Other skin and health benefits of cold showers include building up your immune system, reducing muscle soreness, easing skin conditions like eczema, increasing blood circulation, and potentially enhancing weight loss!

Showering in cooler water also prevents dry skin, as it's a lot less drying than hot water.


Hot Showers

While hot showers get a bad rap sometimes, evidence shows that they can lower stress levels, offer relief from respiratory symptoms, boost oxygen intake, ease sore muscles, and improve sleep.

The problem with warm showers is that they strip the skin of natural oils, causing dryness. So just make sure you use a high quality moisturizer after a hot shower.

So which shower is best? Depends on the day!

Hope you learned a little something, blessings friends!

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