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Worry vs. Anxiety

Todays blog post is designed to make you think. I hope you learn something the way I did when I heard the following: "Anxiety is unchecked worry that makes its way from your head to your heart."

Tell me that's not deep.... go ahead.... I'll wait while you let it sink in. This is a quote that my Pastor had said during service on Sunday. To be quite honest, I felt like the sermon was specifically for me! Do you ever have that moment when you feel like a speech, a song, a TV episode, or even a conversation that you end up overhearing was destined for you to hear?!

This past Sunday that's exactly how I felt. Maybe you feel that way too!

As someone who is actively battling anxiety, it was hard to fight back tears. The pastor then said remember that worry is specific, and anxiety is vague. Anxiety is focusing on things that may not even happen.

He then asked a question written in Matthew 6:27, "Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" to be quite honest, I was almost irritated with this Bible verse, because I know it by heart yet somehow it alludes me every time I have an anxiety. For anyone who's had an anxiety attack or dealt with anything similar you know and is a physiological hormonal reaction and it is not fun.

From what I know in personal experience, I believe that the opposite of anxiety would be peace. In order to have peace there's a few things we can do. I'm going to share what was reminded on this past Sunday. Ask yourself the following questions, if you're able, the next time you find your self in a state of anxiety:

Is this true?

Is this honorable?

Is this right?

Is this pure?

Is this lovely?

Is this admirable?

Is this excellent?

Is it worthy of praise?

If you can answer no to any of these questions, you're doing much better than you originally thought!

Hope you learned something new or were reminded of something. As always, thank you for reading! Friends I encourage you to make someone else's day today.

Blessings ~Emily Rose

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