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You can go to sleep to your dreams or you can wake up to chase them.

The biggest thing holding people back today is a multitude of factors. We know this. But if we remove social and societal barriers, we see a common trend. Fear.

Fear is holding us back.‼️

Fear of failure. Rejection. The unknown. Yes it's scary. But today the sad truth is that most people don't look forward to anything when they wake up. Rather than looking forward to dreaming, what if you looked forward to waking up to your dreams at work?!

This is easier said than done. This year I started a swim brand (from scratch) and let me tell you it has not sold but a handful of swim suits. But, I did it. And it feels pretty accomplishing. The reason I share this is because it is something I've always wanted to do. For myself. Waking up excited to work with manufacturer's, to work on new designs, it was and is exhilarating. It is a dream. We all have some dream, even if far, that still harbors space in our heart.

Is there something you can do this week to make that dream feel a little more tangible? Send that email, start that sketch, pick up that book, go on that date! You can❤️

Escape the fear and chase a dream this week!

Blessings friends,

Emily Rose

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