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Becoming Obsessed with Self Improvement

In this post we will go over what self improvement might look like and will break down the definition of a healthy obsession.

Become absolutely obsessed with self improvement and take note of life's successes that follow. How? Small successes are motivating, and they help us stay focused. These small successes also feed our obsession (healthy ones) to keep striving and improving. Can you think of anything you are obsessed with at the moment? For me it is iced coffee, my cat Princess, taking myself out on coffee dates, and my career goals! So what is a healthy obsession friends? I got you!

There is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy obsessions. Healthy obsessions ultimately leave you feeling refreshed and or recharged. They give you a sense of peace and or accomplishment. Be wary of these signs when you are obsessed with something:

  1. You Feel Panic And Guilt if you don’t do it. A healthy obsession is when you want to do something and you will always make time for it, no matter what. Late nights, early morning if you have to or make certain sacrifices to achieve it. Unhealthy is when it doesn’t happen for whatever reason and you feel panic and/or guilt about it.

  2. You Radically Restrict Your Life. I am not talking just about making better choices in life such as choosing a different meal at dinner so you stay on your diet for example. It is when you say no to actually going for dinner as you know that panic and guilt will set in. You focus only on the short term, not the long term (this is something I personally did when I was battling Anorexia. I would say no to spending time with friends if it involved eating out!)

  3. You Experience Paranoia. Obsession can greatly affect your mental health. You can become so focused on something that you close your mind off to many others things that allow balance into your life.

4. You keep pushing even when it is making you unwell. Our bodies are great indicators of when something is good or bad for us. Learning to listen is a great way of understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy. Obsessions can cause burnout. Understand your warning signs and learn to take a break when you need to.

5. You are comparing yourself to others. Healthy obsession is emulating what others have down before you. The road to unhappiness is littered with comparison. A healthy obsession can be measured in YOUR PERSONAL PROGRESS. Compare where you are now to where you started. That is a healthy measurement!

Here are 6 obsessions that can make you a better person linked below:

Self improvement is good but not if it cost us the positive results of self improvement we were seeking in the first place. Hope you find these helpful. As always, thanks for reading friends!

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