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“Do not judge or you too will be judged”

Good morning to my friends in the USA, and good evening to my friends, on the other side of the world! So what does it mean to judge?

Webster's dictionary defines. The word judge as to come to an opinion, or conclusion about. We unconsciously judge people, places things, and experiences every single day one form of judgment we tend to consciously make is about other people. Who is this person? What did they do? How do they make me feel? All interesting questions, but all questions that can lead to a "conclusion "that could be not factual. We've all heard the common saying, not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the cover has the plot on the back, and a beautiful illustration on the front of what the book contains.

So now that you've seen this beautiful illustration of an orange red Cliff on the side of Santa Monica, with beautiful sea foam, green waves, and a title in Helvetica font, you've now made a judgment of what the book will contain. Your judgment is probably accurate, but here's where things get interesting, people are not books. I'll repeat, people are not books. We judge each other, but we can never really know what's going on inside. Why am I sharing all of this?

Because mental health is something that affects everyone and it's very prevalent, and sometimes we take those perceptions of others and put them on ourselves. That is completely our own fault. I do it, too, more than I care to admit. But just because we take on the perceptions of others at times, does not mean that we should Judge one another you may find out the very person you're judging could be your next best friend, your future, spouse, your soulmate, or the person that you're about to take on that trip to Cabo!


With all that being said, I encourage you to get to know somebody you perceive you wouldn't necessarily pursue. Get to know someone new this year! It is 2023.

as always, thank you for reading my friends and have a blessed week!

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