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What I eat in a Day

Here is a typical, "what I eat", when I am not traveling or modeling! Note: What works for your body may look different than what works for my body! As a former D1 Volleyball player, I find joy in working out everyday and fuel my body accordingly to my activity.

Alright let's kick it off with breakfast. I always walk 2 miles on m. treadmill in the morning an do my devotionals before I start my day if I am home! You know I eat cereal everyday when I am home so here's how my day started:

9:30 AM about 2 cups of Cheerios with 4 strawberries

10 AM Get ready and go to the gym

12 PM Lunch: Vegan Yogurt bowl and a poppyseed muffin

1 PM Iced coffee with almond milk

5:30 PM Avocado toast with 1 whole avocado and 1 hard boiled egg

I eat dinner super early and try to do the whole intermittent fasting thing. Personally, I have found that it helps with my IBS. Also recently stopped drinking and liquids 4 hours before bed because it was causing insomnia! My GI tract was all "rumbly" when I drink a lot of water, tea, or diet soda close to bed time haha. Some really good IBS treatments and solutions can be found here

6 PM Snap peas and Salsa

7 PM Home made Vegan chocolate raspberry cake

I am loving Siggi's Plant based blend right now! You can find it at WholeFoods, and most Safeway stores.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, I encourage you to go look at some of my food posts! There are some really good low sugar, vegan dessert recipes 😉

Hope this helps, thank you for reading friends! And as always, go with grace today💕

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